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Services For Governments, Educational Institutions, Healthcare Facilities, and Non-Profit Organizations

The TeknoGRID team understands the needs and common challenges faced by our clients. When choosing a partner for IT/Broadband services and solutions, clients repeatedly rely on our decades of experience in equipping buildings and public spaces with the most current, top-performing systems to meet the needs of residents, employees, students, and the public. We are a certified Minority/Small Business Enterprise and incorporate industry best practices derived from working at top-tier global telecom companies into every infrastructure systems project.

Our team develops custom projects with comprehensive offerings that include broadband infrastructure as well as a wide array of related services such as provision of internet, security and surveillance equipment, access control, antennae, outdoor lighting, video analytics software, and more. Our goal is to help clients achieve digital equity and expand internet access for their communities. We are adept at addressing coverage issues in large complexes such as educational institutions and healthcare facilities, and we are committed to highly responsive client support and client confidentiality. 

TeknoGRID provides clients with a competitive advantage through our proven combination of skilled project management and stellar workmanship, both of which advance project timelines and result in high-quality, reliable outcomes for numerous government entities, education institutions, healthcare facilities, port authorities, and non-profit organizations. Our consulting services, founded on 20+ years’ experience and expertise with telecom projects, ensure that government and other entities receive high-quality services and the most value for their investment.

Service with Integrity

Services We Provide For Governments

Affordable, subsidized high-speed residential Internet access (through the Affordable Connectivity Program)

Comprehensive, secure, redundant wireless/broadband networks: 5G, CBRS, Wi-Fi 6, DAS, small cell, or ERRC

Dedicated gigabit-enabled fiber optics Internet service provider with a national reach

Building automation: sensors, cameras, access control, communications, HVAC, and lighting

Consulting services to ensure that Broadband/IT investments yield maximum benefits

Experience & Expertise

Why Governments and Public-Serving Entities Rely on TeknoGRID


Implementations that are on-time and within scope and budget

Fast, high-performance systems (average speed of 300 Mbps)

Stellar safety record, with technicians that are highly trained and OSHA-certified

Ready-to-deploy workforce of fully trained wireless and fiber optic technicians

Meticulous, in-depth planning and thorough testing

Best-of-breed, leading-edge equipment

Committed to meeting clients’ specific needs

Transparent, accurate, and honest billing practices

Automated proactive/preventative device monitoring system that alerts us of any issues

Detailed progress reports on every facet of the project, regardless of simplicity or complexity

Detailed close-out packages, including network warranties, equipment specifications, and as-builts

Complete system documentation/diagrams on every line and equipment we install and manage

Supplier Diversity Partner

Installation best practices

Flexibility and personal service 

Certified Minority/Small Business Enterprise

Skilled project management and superb workmanship, which advance project timelines and result in high-quality, reliable outcomes

Adept at addressing coverage issues in large complexes such as educational institutions and healthcare facilities

Certified and Compliant

TeknoGRID Partners with Governments to Provide IT Infrastructure Consultation, Planning, Installations, and Managed Services

Consulting Services
Need help with the technical details of a grant/funding proposal or a contract bid term sheet? TeknoGRID can assist you. Our team is well-versed in FCC and other applicable regulatory requirements. Because we’re knowledgeable about the key key requirements for sub-awardees of the IIJA broadband funding streams (BEAD, Middle Mile, Digital Equity), we can also help you develop winning proposals.

Your Partner For Telecom Projects
We take pride in being a certified small minority-owned business, and TeknoGRID can help you meet your affirmative action goals. However, our public-serving clients hire us based not on our SBE/MBE status, but on our wealth of experience, skills, and professionalism.

We have a proven track record of delivering high-quality results that enhance communities. TeknoGRID maintains compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, ensuring a culture of safety and project-readiness to help you advance digital equity and access to affordable Internet for your communities.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you leverage federal funding opportunities to achieve digital equity and expand internet access for your community. Procurement Teams can receive required documentation of the following quickly upon request:

  • Insurance (General, Workers Comp, Cyber and Errors & Omissions Insurance)
  • Bonding Capacity
  • OSHA
  • Safety Manuals
  • Employee Ethics Compliance
  • Industry Certifications
  • EMR
  • Financials

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