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TeknoGRID is your technology and telecom partner that offers safety, security and stability.

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Building Automation

Optimal Systems Integration

Tenant Satisfaction

Ability to Perform Work on Union, Non-union, or Prevailing Wage Projects

TeknoGRID is a proven all-in-one technology and telecom partner for property developers and owners. We have deep expertise and skill in fiber optics, which can greatly enhance Internet user experience for your tenants. We provide in-building wireless infrastructure as well as a wide array of related services such as provision of internet, security and surveillance equipment, access control, antennae, outdoor lighting, video analytics software, and much more.

Each of our projects is customized to meet the strategic needs and goals of each client. We spend significant time generating accurate up-front quotes to eliminate the need for subsequent change orders. TeknoGRID helps property developers and owners improve the quality of life for residents by providing high-performing, reliable IT systems.


Services We Provide for
Property Developers and Owners

Comprehensive, secure, redundant wireless/broadband networks: 5G, CBRS, Wi-Fi 6, DAS, small cell, or ERRC

Dedicated gigabit-enabled fiber optics Internet service provider with a national reach 

Affordable, subsidized high-speed residential Internet access (through the Affordable Connectivity Program)

Building automation: sensors, cameras, access control, communications, HVAC, and lighting

Green technology–enabled solar panel integration and monitoring through our infrastructure

Benefits of Fiber Optics

Higher Internet speeds–up to 20 times faster

Greater bandwidth availability

Faster access to cloud-based applications and data

Lower latency which improves the speed of downloads and provides better quality for VoIP users

More reliable than copper and less vulnerable to damage from inclement weather

Increased security as fiber Internet is more difficult to hack

Experience & Expertise

Key Advantages To Choosing TeknoGRID


Meticulous planning and thorough testing

Implementations that are on-time and within scope and budget

Utilize only best-in-class, top-performing equipment

Installation best practices

Fast, high-performance systems (average speed of 300 Mbps)

Stellar safety record, with highly-trained and OSHA-certified technicians

Flexibility with a personal touch

Committed to meeting clients’ specific needs

Detailed progress reports on every facet of the project

Complete system documentation/diagrams on every line and equipment we install and manage

Automated proactive/preventative device monitoring system that alerts us to any issues

Detailed close-out packages, including network warranties, equipment specifications, and as-builts

Transparent, accurate, and honest billing practices

Certified Minority/Small Business Enterprise

A Trusted Partner

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